“Whether it’s art songs, musical theater, or choral works — those vocal forms allow me to tell stories with music and explore the human experience.”

List of Works

Selections from the musical “Norman!” (Smith) 2019

5 Songs of Stevie Smith (Smith) 2016

    1. The Boat
    2. Not Waving, but Drowning
    3. I Hate This Girl
    4. Do Take Muriel Out
    5. In My Dreams

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Songs From Alice in Wonderland (Carroll) 2015

  1. Lobster Quadrille
  2. Salmon, Come Up!
  3. Beautiful Soup
  4. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat
  5. Song of the Duchess

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I Am a Cowboy from Hat to Boot (JJ Lokshtanov) 2019)

Cliff Notes from Your Mother on Leaving Home (Walker) 2018

Autumn Man (Parham) 2018

Hermitage (Hedin) 2018

I Have Been to Willmar (Rezmerski) 2018

Truth (Boss) 2018

Autumn – The Leaves Are Falling (Rilke/Bly) 2018

Whiteout (Hedin) 2018

Hope is a thing with feathers (Dickinson) 2017

We Never Know How High We Are (Dickinson) 2017

First Grade (Koertge) 2017

Grand Avenue (Koertge) 2016


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